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Logic Soft: Innovative Solutions for Logistics, Real Estate, and Education Ready to Conquer the US Market

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  • February 2, 2024

Logic Soft, a leading IT company, is expanding to the United States with top accolades in real estate and logistics from The company's StartDrive project, addressing logistics talent shortage, has attracted interest from 2000 companies with a fleet of 30,000 trucks. Logic Soft aims to optimize logistics processes for major US players. The company's mission now emphasizes environmental impact reduction and unlocking human potential. Entry into the US market is planned for Q2 2024, with active engagement of American clients underway.

Warsaw, Poland, 2nd Feb 2024, King NewsWire - Logic Soft, a prominent player in developing top-notch solutions for logistics, real estate, and education, announced the opening of its office in the United States. Over the past year, the company has achieved outstanding results, earning titles such as "Top Software Development Company for Real Estate" and "Top Software Development Company for Logistics and Supply Chain in Poland" from the prestigious rating agency Additionally, Logic Soft proudly holds the title of "Top ERP Development 2024" according to

One of Logic Soft's flagship projects is the StartDrive startup, set to be launched in March 2024. This project, shrouded in confidentiality, aims to address the critical shortage of talent in the logistics industry. Currently, over 2000 logistics companies are actively engaged in negotiations to join the project, boasting a collective fleet of more than 30,000 trucks, eagerly anticipating its release.

Known for its expertise in logistics, Logic Soft is actively developing solutions to automate business processes in the industry, with a primary focus on ERP and WMS systems. The company plans to leverage its experience and know-how to optimize logistics processes for major players in the American market, offering innovative solutions to enhance supply chains.

The updated mission of Logic Soft now includes a commitment to optimizing supply chains, not only enhancing business processes but also reducing environmental impact. This optimization aims to unleash the potential of human energy, contributing to societal development. Logic Soft is ready to offer its unique approach and expertise to improve the business processes of clients in the United States, solidifying its position in the global market of IT solutions. The plans to enter the US market are scheduled for the second quarter of 2024, with the company actively attracting its first American clients.

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Logic Soft: Innovative Solutions for Logistics, Real Estate, and Education Ready to Conquer the US Market

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