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$STOG Memecoin Soars 200% in One Week, MEXC Listing Announced

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  • June 13, 2024

The cryptocurrency world is buzzing with excitement as Stooges ($STOG) Memecoin has experienced an extraordinary 200% increase in value over the past week.

New York, NY, United States, 13th Jun 2024, King NewsWire - The cryptocurrency world is buzzing with excitement as Stooges ($STOG) Memecoin has experienced an extraordinary 200% increase in value over the past week. This remarkable surge comes ahead of its highly anticipated listing on the MEXC exchange, scheduled for June 14, 2024 at 10:00 (UTC).

$STOG Memecoin Soars 200% in One Week, MEXC Listing Announced

Born as a satirical response to the current state of the crypto industry, $STOG is a ridiculous yet revolutionary coin that is taking the crypto world by storm. Inspired by the legendary Three Stooges, this coin proves that not everything in life, and certainly not in crypto, has to be serious. Operating on the Solana blockchain, $STOG is fast, silly, and designed to bring a smile to its users.

The meme behind $STOG portrays the crypto industry with a humorous twist. On one side, there is CZ, the martyr and visionary of the crypto industry. On the other side, Moe represents a developer who struggles with basic tasks, symbolizing many of the flawed projects in the market. Then there is Sam, a character best left without further comment.

Stooges, a community-driven memecoin on Solana, announced the upcoming presale for $STOG coins starting on May 10 on Pinksale. BitMart Exchange, a top-20 CEX, has already confirmed the coin’s upcoming listing, which should occur before its launch. Following the announcement, the Stooges' team noticed a huge surge of interest from the cryptocurrency community, as evidenced by the thousands of users on X and Telegram waiting for the pre-sale.

Additionally, with the recent launch of STOOG cards, $STOG holders can now use their tokens for real-world transactions. Use your $STOG balances with Mastercard and UnionPay cards at ATMs. Stooges is the first memecoin on Solana to offer debit cards compatible with Google Pay and Apple Pay. Pre-order now at for July delivery.

The STOG coin has no utility. It is led by a "useless team" and is on a mission to mock the crypto business industry while making "the meme culture great again." The team invites memecoin enthusiasts to buy, sell, and share the community-centered memecoin. $STOG will have a total supply of 3,000,000,000 coins.

To celebrate its milestones, Stooges is launching an airdrop of 150 million $STOG, equivalent to 5% of the total supply. This airdrop aims to reward those who contribute significantly to meme culture. The 200 most active participants in the competition will be selected to receive a share of the $STOG airdrop.

Participants can join by following Stooges on social media and creating memes, whether images, videos, or music, around the theme of the Three Stooges. The winners will receive their $STOG in their wallets on June 14, 2024. Importantly, no administrator will contact winners to manage their prize or ask for private keys, ensuring the safety and security of all participants.

For more information about $STOG, the airdrop, and the upcoming MEXC listing, please visit their website.

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