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Cloud Cat Services LLC Launches IT Managed Services Offering.

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  • June 17, 2024

Cloud Cat Services LLC have recently launched their IT Managed Services to clients throughout Nashua, NH.

Nashua, NH, United States, 16th Jun 2024 - For over fifteen years, the IT experts at Cloud Cat Services LLC have supported their clients through a diverse range of services, from cybersecurity enhancements to more typical IT support. With an impressive 96% client satisfaction rate, they have proven themselves time and time again to be a key player within the industry. They have completed over 520 projects to date, supporting those within the Biotech, life sciences, finance, non-profit, and healthcare industries. 

Cloud Cat Services LLC Launches IT Managed Services Offering

Demonstrating a keen commitment to providing for their growing client base, it's no surprise that they have recently expanded upon the services offered by their expert team and are now offering Managed Services from their base in Nashua, NH. Read on to find out more about these services and the benefits they will bring to their clients. 

The Benefits of IT Managed Service Offerings.

There are many benefits tied to utilizing IT Managed Service Offerings, especially for those working in the sectors listed above. For example, working with a managed IT service provider allows businesses to hand time-consuming yet essential tasks over to the experts who are best prepared to deal with them.

This means that business owners are then able to dedicate their time and energy to other tasks while knowing that the others are being taken care of. While there are many different tasks that fall under the umbrella of managed IT support, these services are particularly beneficial when it comes to cybersecurity. Support managers can help clients access new technologies that streamline specific processes and prevent cyberattacks. This can help businesses to protect themselves, customer data and their reputation. 

Beyond this, IT Managed Services can also help businesses to remain operational by reducing the downtime caused by a range of IT issues. This benefits the business owner in many different ways, minimizing both disruption and potential financial losses while also ensuring that they are able to continue to provide for their own clients and customers. 

This is also considerably more cost-effective than hiring an internal IT team or having to train existing employees to carry out these tasks. When working with a professional Managed Services provider, such as Cloud Cat Services LLC, business owners are given much greater peace of mind, as they’re working with those who are truly experts within their field. 

Managed Service Offerings.

Cloud Cat Services LLC’s managed service offerings are designed to help clients transform their businesses through comprehensive IT support that tackles a wide range of pain points. Not only can this help their clients achieve their business goals, but it also frees up necessary time in their schedules to dedicate to other tasks.

The managed services offerings provided by Cloud Cat Services can be split into four distinct, crucial categories: 

  • IT Consulting.
  • Cybersecurity.
  • Cloud Services.
  • Proactive Monitoring. 

IT Consulting. 

IT consulting services play a key role in a company’s long-term success, especially when it comes to preventing security threats. The Cloud Cat team have decades of experience in IT consulting, meaning that they can help business owners protect their peace of mind in a world where smaller companies are continually targeted in cyberattacks. 


Smaller businesses are often vulnerable to cyber attacks, as they often do not have the proper infrastructure in place to protect themselves. This is a challenge that the team at Cloud Cat hope to eliminate through their cybersecurity support services, which are designed to help with everything from safeguarding and attack prevention to proactive monitoring. This will empower clients to respond quickly and efficiently to potential cyberattacks, minimising any losses and protecting their business's reputation. 

Cloud Services. 

The managed services provided by Cloud Cat, are also designed to help clients streamline cloud operations, whether they’re utilizing AWS or Azure. This can reduce the amount of complications faced when switching to cloud-based software, ensuring that business owners (and their teams) are able to focus on core business operations while the Cloud Cat experts deal with the finer details. 

Proactive Monitoring.

Business owners, particularly those who operate in the sectors outlined above, do not have a lot of time on their hands.  This often means that they do not have the time to proactively monitor their IT services to ensure that everything is running smoothly - despite how much they rely on these systems to stay afloat. The managed IT services provided by the team at Cloud Cat mean that business owners have extra eyes monitoring their cybersecurity health. This means that issues are identified (and resolved) promptly, preventing cyberattacks and ensuring that business owners are able to take a proactive approach to all things data security and management. 

IT Managed Services You Can Trust.

With close to two decades of experience under their belt, the team at Cloud Cat Service LLC have worked with over one hundred different companies, helping them to focus on their goals while also providing them with access to stellar IT services. 

From cloud backups to disaster recovery and now managed IT support, the services they offer are curated with their customers in mind. This means that they are able to address many of the common issues that small business owners within a variety of sectors face on a daily basis and provide them with clear, actionable solutions. 

The introduction of IT Managed Services to their growing catoloue of support offerings proves, once again, that Cloud Cat are willing to go above and beyond for their customers. Not only that, but they are staying ahead of the game by identifying which areas they were not covering, and working to close this gap. 

Press enquiries can be directed to Josh Quijano in Cloud Cat’s head office at (857) 776-1969, or you can email the press team at Postal queries can be directed to Josh Quinjano at Cloud Cat Services LLC, 1 Chestnut St., Suite 201, Nashua, NH 03060. To check the Cloud Cat Service LLC website, head to

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