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Matteo Morvillo: Innovation and Global Collaborations

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  • July 5, 2024

16-year-old Matteo Morvillo, a Full Stack Developer from Naples, excels in video game, mobile app, and VR software development, collaborating with multinationals like Jollibee, Riddle, and Changing Changes.

Italy, 5th Jul 2024, King NewsWire  – Matteo Morvillo, a talented 16-year-old Full Stack Developer from Massa Lubrense, Naples, is making waves in the tech industry with his exceptional skills in video game, mobile application, and VR software development. Currently studying computer science at the Istituto Polispecialistico San Paolo in Sorrento, Matteo's journey into programming began at the age of 13 during the lockdown period when he developed his first video games.

In just a few years, Matteo has successfully penetrated the video game, app, and software markets, collaborating with major multinational companies. His primary expertise lies in utilizing the Unity Engine for VR and video game development, supported by the C# programming language. Additionally, Matteo leverages Flutter, a Google framework for application development based on the Dart programming language.

Matteo Morvillo: Innovation and Global Collaborations


Collaborations with Multinationals

One of Matteo's most significant collaborations is with Jollibee, a renowned multinational fast-food chain. For Jollibee, he developed a marketing website aimed at enhancing customer interaction and promoting brand awareness. Specifically, he created a website featuring HTML5 mini-games designed to strengthen the company's branding. Matteo has also contributed to projects for other multinationals such as Riddle, Changing Changes, and Play-games, demonstrating his versatility and ability to adapt to different business needs.

Educational Projects with Changing Changes

Matteo is passionate about evolving games from an educational perspective. He has worked on interactive learning projects with Changing Changes, an initiative aimed at entertaining children through interactive apps with educational purposes. These projects highlight Matteo's commitment to combining fun and education, offering technological solutions that enrich the learning experience of young users.

Continuous Growth and Innovation

Always seeking new challenges and opportunities in the tech industry, Matteo is currently involved in VR projects, with the aim of creating professional software for companies and end customers. This commitment to the field of virtual reality showcases his ambition to leverage this emerging trend professionally, exploring applications beyond entertainment to include more practical and beneficial uses.

For more information about Matteo Morvillo and his work, visit his personal website at or follow him on LinkedIn

About Matteo Morvillo

Matteo Morvillo is a 16-year-old Full Stack Developer specializing in video games, mobile applications, and VR software. He began programming at 13 and has since collaborated with major multinational companies, focusing on creating innovative and interactive technological solutions

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